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  • Consulting on Governance

    At the beginning of March 2012 Transnomia was selected to become one of the consultancy teams to advise the Ministry of Economy and Finances in Spain since the Euro Zone has pushed Spain on budget…

  • The Path of the Simple Truths

    During the spring of 2010 we conducted in Max Plank Institute  a series of explorations of everyday actions with the purpose of understanding better how our subjectivity finds its fundaments on repetition of patterns that consequently confirms…

  • Engage with Transnomia

    Our research task force introduces the knowledge into masses that undeniably refers to the possibility of transcending the belief and sustain the possibility.

  • What Is Transnomia

    The meaning of the word “Transnomia” relates to the condition marked by value instability, which arises during transition between the different, often contradicting systems of beliefs. Transnomia institute was established to explore this condition and…